Monday, April 5, 2010

I am famous!

I wanted to read Green/Black Blowfly's article on how to take out Mech IG with Chaos and found that he had this to say about me:

About Allan Hernandez aka Blackmoor

About Allan Hernandez

Also known as Blackmoor...

Allan posted this mindless drivel over on Dakka attacking Gareth:

I feel that Allan was both jealous of Gareth and also quite bitter that he did not make the cut. I also find it very strange that after this thread was started Greg Sparks then discovered that they did not add up the points correctly and Gareth has now been relegated to third alternate.



I learned one important thing about GBF…he does not know how to post a link. Not only did that link in his post not work, but the link to his blog in his Dakka sig did not work either.


Danny Internets summed it up best in his post:


He really didn't post anything offensive and it was only moderated because Dakka has a strict policy when it comes to any posts that target specific people.

Blackmoor said matter-of-factly that many people believe that Gareth cheated, though he didn't say whether or not he agreed with this (follow-up replies suggest he does). I don't wish to start a discussion here about the truth or untruth of this claim, but it is the case that many people do believe it. It seems the incident was only mentioned explicitly because another poster asked exactly what the drama surrounding Gareth was about.


And my reply:

#1. I was playing in the 'Ard Boyz that Gareth won, and I never said anything about it one way or another in all of the threads that came out afterwords (to the best of my recollection), in fact, I was defending the Wrecking Crew in most of them.

#2. The person who was enraged over it was Stelek (which was odd because he did not have a dog in that fight), and all I was doing was posting that if Stelek found out about it he would have an apoplectic fit.

#3. As far as him not being the best choice to represent team USA, I was just echoing what some other people told me Sunday night. I was just the messenger. Now I am not hiding behind the fact that I repeated what others said, but it should not come as any surprise to you Steve, that Gareth is seen by some as having a less than stellar reputation. Although I have never played him myself, he seemed like a nice enough guy in Orlando and at other events that I have run into him. I personally will not say he cheated, because unless you do it in a game that I am playing in, I will not say it without having firsthand knowledge.

#4. I wanted to play in the ETC but it is a ton of money, so I really did not care that much. I brought fun lists to Adepticon (I was play-testing my pre-heresy Thousand Sons) and I went 3-1 at the Gladiator and 1-0-2 in the Yellow championships. If I wanted to win really bad I could have taken some hard-as-nails army, but I just wanted to have fun. I will bring a hard chaos army to the So Cal Slaughter in Space though, so we will get to see how I will do when I bring the lumber.



  1. I read the thread, and see no serious issues with what you said. I don't understand why anyone had an issue over you repeating what you've been told.

    I say everyone should move on. lol

  2. I fixed hte link to my blog in my Dakka sig.



  3. Allan be honest and admit you stated in the Dakka thread not once but twice that Gareth cheated in the 2008 Ard Boyz finals. Someone contacted me and told me that they have a screenshot of your original comments on the Dakka thread prior to them being deleted. Personally I am tired of all the name calling and dragging people's reputations through the gutter in the wake following Adepticon. It seems to be a popular phenom right now unfortunately.

    I would like to address the following points here:

    1) I don't understand why you tried to drag Stelek into this mess you've created unless it was your intention to fan the flames higher hoping that Stelek would post about this over at his blog YTTH. If so that is quite low of you. Stelek and 40k Wrecking Crew have made admends and put the past behind us. Often I post over on YTTH if I should find something of interest to me. Please be so kind as to stay out of our business.

    2) So Gareth does not have a stellar reputation. I understand that but really how long are you & others going to keep knocking him? It's low to keep bringing this up. It's also hypocritical of you considering your team mate cheated last year versus the 40k Wrecking Crew during the first round of the team tournament. Don't try to deny it.