Friday, September 16, 2011

Nova Open Batrep Game #1 Grey Knights vs. Tau

We all know where I finished at the Nova Open, and this is were I started. As they say in these things, you have to get a little lucky, and I ended up with a new player named George from Columbus Georgia. The first round pairing can be crap shoot and you can get anything to one of the best players there, to a new players, and George and his wife were great people and I enjoyed meeting him.

I am going to go quickly through this batrep so we can get on to some of the other games, but I am adding it for the sake of completeness.

Here is his army:

Standard Tau fare. He said that he pained his army in only a few days using an air brush and it looked nice. Most people do not know this but most of my armies are purple, so I have an affinity for armies painted it.

The mission is objectives

I make my Interceptors outflank. Tau tend to castle up in a corner, and that is a way to dig them out.

Here is how the game went: I pushed forward and killed everything is sight.

Turn #1
He pops some shots at me, and I knock a gun off of one of his railheads. 

He reserved his Devilfish and his Fire Warriors and they came on the upper right.

Soon to be followed by my Interceptor squad which is putting a hurting on them.

Toward the end I was a little bit worried, because he could use his tanks not only to tank shock me, but to contest the few objectives I have with his vehicles, but I am glad this did not occur to him and I ended up winning. 


  1. Its always a up hill fight when using Tau.
    Good for him for trying, I love me some Tau but right now is just not their time.

    Soon my little blue headed slugs...soon.

  2. Hey I'm the Tau opponent. It is sad that my favorite game was the first and had to wade through the rest. Nothing against them, this was just my favorite. I am glad to hear I was the springboard you needed (honestly) to do so well in the tourny. You had a sweet army, that by the nets should not have done as well. Silly nets. It was the best pummeling I have had. Wish you the best and congrats on the latest tourney win.

  3. Thanks!

    It was nice playing you. You were a great opponent, and a good way to start my tournament off.

    Remember as a Tau player your army is not going to be as good as some of the newer codexes out there so you have to try everything you can to win. I always say that the best way to become a good player is to play an army that is not as good as some of the others. That way you will learn how to do more with less. As a Tau player you have to use all of the tricks that you can and fight very hard for your wins on every turn. That means tank shocking, raming, pushing people off of objectives with your vehicles, etc.