Friday, September 2, 2011

Stormcrow has Paladin questions, and I have answers.

Stormcrow over on Dakka asked me some questions about my list and here are the answers:

1) Do you always combat squad your group? I read your post saying "When the paladins don't combat squad they are the feathered from hell. They are where other deathstars go to die," and I watched two of your games via live stream, but I have to say I don't know if your statement means they are horrible when grouped up, or if they are so amazingly better than other death stars others die wishing they could be like them. I saw you did where you played Tony, hower.

Answers below!

I see that stupid “feathered” quote keep popping up and it was because of the stupid iPhones spell check. It was suppose to be the “Deathstar from hell”. The answer to your question is that most of the time my Paladins are combat squaded even in kill point missions. The reason why is that they are very hard to kill even when down to 5 guys, and they almost have too much fire power for one squad and they are more efficient when they are broken up. When I do keep them together is when I am facing tough and fast assault armies. If I have to fight them, I want to have all of my guys together so they can support each other.  

2) If you do indeed combat squad them, how close to you put them to each other.

They should be close to one another to support each other. This is not always possible because you have objectives placed far apart, but they can be picked off and killed if they are by themselves if you are not careful (see my game vs. Tony for what not to do with them).

3) Do you usually deploy your paladins on the field or wait to outflank or walk on? Do you ever scout move? I saw you deployed both times against neil and tony, but I'm not sure if that's typical.

Let’s talk about reserves. As a general rule you want your paladins on the board shooting and fighting from the beginning. If you reserve them there is a chance that they will not come on in a reasonable amount of time and that means that you are fighting at a huge handicap.  
First off I hate to Deep Strike. I have a saying that when you deep strike 3 things can happen to you, and 2 of them are bad. I will not outflank with them either because they might not show up where you want them to. Also they only have a 24” range so you opponent will just move away from them, and they will take forever to be a factor. Note: I do love outflanking interceptors because they can’t be stopped by covering the board edge, they are fast enough to get to units, and even if they appear on the wrong side of the board they can shunt 30” and still be in range of everything. I just like to place my Paladins in the center of the board and having my opponents deal with them. That is also another reason to take Draigo is because of Dawn of War Deployments.

Thanks again for your help in this matter and great job once again!

Not a problem!

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  1. Thanks for the detailed answers! These covered everything I was curious about to the letter. I've only recently picked up Draigo and Paladins (I'm new to Grey Knights and have only been playing 40 for about 5 months); I've tried reserving, deep striking, and the outflanking trick , but it doesn't work too well for me. Some "authorities" on the internet/local area urge reserving every game and outflanking, but seeing your games made me realize how tough they can be when deployed correctly, and your response makes a lot of sense. Thank you once again.