Monday, November 2, 2009

Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons part II

Taking the units from the previous post, here is the preliminary list:


Ahriman-Chief Librarian of the Thousand Sons

Ahriman -250 Points


Kargori Dreadnought

Dreadnought w/Multimelta, Extra armor -115 Points


Jafari Tactical Support Squad

9 CSM w/Lascannon, Plasma Gun, IoCG -225 points

Aspiring Champion w/Power Weapon

Pa-Siamun Tactical Squad

9 CSM w/Lascannon, Plasma Gun, IoCG -270 -points

Aspiring Champion w/Power Fist

Tu-Amun Rhino

Rhino 35 points

Ankhu Anen- Thousand Sons Guardians of the Great Library

8 Thousand Sons -304

Aspiring Sorcerer w/Bolt of Change

Tu-Amun Rhino


Heavy Support

Sobek-Heavy Support Squad (Missile Launcher)

8 Havoc Marines w/4 Missile Launchers, IoCG -225 Points

Rehahti Magnus's coven

3 Obliterators -210

Uthizaar's sect

2 Obliterators -150

1749 Points.


It has 8+ units that can shoot strength 8 shots. Lot of people look at the amount of the shooting, and don't realize that you need a lot of units that can shoot at different targets. Although some of the shooting is strength 8 AP1 is only 24"


Assault. Ahriman is the only model good in assault, and he is just ok. They have nice pictures of the Thousand Son's assault squads and I might do a squad of them since I found a company that sells the resin pre-heresy turbofan backpacks.


  1. That's several shots for a chimera/Vendetta horde to be sure, which I'm sure will be on display at Adepticon.

    On a side note, have you considered using the new Wolf dex (Or did I miss that in a previous post?). I know everyone always points at people using the latest/greatest dex but it seems like you could build a very heresy like army from that dex.

    StormCaller or Rune Priest laden with gear/powers = Ahriman

    Secondary Priests to give it a TS feel (Up to 4!)

    Vanilla SW Marines = What marines 'should' be about with battle leaders in each to give you assault punch

    Cheap Dev squads

    You could even risk an all foot with that dex...

  2. A Thousand Sons army play as Space Wolves?!?!?!

    What blasphemy!

    You want me to represent they very thing we hate most in life?

    On a more serious note:
    Assault armies are not really my bag. I am a shooter. If I rolled as good as Bill Kim, I would be more prone to assault, but my dice just don't have the stomach for a fight. Not that they shoot great either, but at least this way if I miss, it will not hurt as much as it does in assault. I like a slow bleed rather than ripping the bandaid off.

  3. It would be worth it for the irony! ;)

    The main thing I'm interested in is the conversions, looking forward to the army pics :).