Wednesday, April 14, 2010

#1 40K player in the USA

After listening to 40K radio, I went on over to check out RankingsHQ to see what they have listed and to my surprise, who is listed as the #1, 40K player in the US of A?


I am just having some fun with it because I am only ranked because I played in all 3 of the 40k events that they have tracked so far. My record is:

Broadside Bash


Adepticon Gladiator


Adepticon Championships (Yellow)


So I have gone 8-2-2, not to impressive. That is why I think it is funny that I am #1 for now. 

I will start working on my speech for when I lose my title "Well, I had a good run at the top, but no one can stay at the top forever. I look forward rededicating myself to the game, and the hard work that it will take to get back to top…"


  1. LMAO. Retire your list, in case it ruins the game... ;)

  2. Sorry i missed meeting the greatest in North America, at Adepticon.

  3. I want an acceptance speech.
    "I would like to thank my mother and my family, who have supported me all these long years of trainings..."

  4. Congrats at the moment. Hope you keep your title until I do some damn tournaments.

  5. Looks like Brian Crew from the Blade N Bolter club has moved up into hte pole position. Still more than half the season left though & you are in a great position to reclaim your lead.