Friday, September 9, 2011

Cheating and me!

Stelek over on his blog had this to say about our game:

"Game vs Blackmoor. I said you can’t combat squad from reserve. The judge said nothing when you said it. It’s in the NOVA FAQ. I *could* have raised a stink about it, but I was asked multiple times to *not* raise a stink, so I did not. Please note that since 2 units did this, that’s twice you did something you should not have. It’s my understanding that this happened repeatedly throughout the tournament. No, I am not mad at Blackmoor. I am pointing this out not for the internet to rage, but for Mike and his judges to see a point of failure–and hopefully for Blackmoor to read the tournament rules (or the GW FAQ that says you can’t, and yes, it’s a stupid rule but they wrote it so there it is)."

And to that I say...oops!!!

I thought that you combat squaded when you deployed, so when I got a unit out of reserve I just deployed it as a combat squad. Now after I look it up it says that you can't in the Space Marines FAQ (I don't play space marines so I have no idea what is in there) and also in the Nova Open's FAQ. I had no idea that is was in the Nova FAQ either because I never read it all the way through (I just thought is was filled with common sense stuff) and I just read the Grey Knight and General portion. In hindsight I should have read the whole thing.

To sum it up again, the rule that you can't combat squad from reserve is nowhere in any Grey Knight or General FAQ.

Now in my game with Stelek it was an advantage for him to have my Paladins in combat squads because then he only has to burn down 5 of them to knock them down to half victory points. If they were the full 10 man unit., he has to kill all 10 of them to have them stop being worth full points, and killing 10 of them in 2 turns is nearly impossible.

I wish he would have said something because I would not have combat squaded them and played the rule right. He says that he raised a stink, but I did not hear anything about it. I get rules wrong all of the time, so that is why I generally go with what ever my opponent's interpretation of the rules are. In my game with Tony you can see that in action. I challenged him in Njal's power and I took his word for it. When he questioned the aegis working with the psychic hood I looked it up to be sure.

And there was some question of my use of Psychic Communion...
I started Draigo on the board for the sole reason of casting Psychic Communion. Again, I rolled a "3"
for the Paladins on turn #2 and had them wait and I had the rest of my army try to stay off, but I still got on the interceptors and a dreadnaught. On turn #3 I used Psychic Communion again and I rolled a "1" for the Paladins to come on from reserve and even with the +1 they did not come on. On turn #4 I did not cast if because I need anything but a "1" to come on and that is what I rolled, I do not think that I can add +1 to that because I think that a roll of a "1" is always a failure, but I might be wrong.


  1. The combat squad rule is poorly written IMO and the FAQ just adds more confusion. Lots and lots of batreps I've read people often make this mistake. Heck I've made this mistake. It's not a big deal. Shame on Stelek for trying to make a stink. Hid response is hypocritical. I think he is just about losing. Psychic Communion and reserves - I'm not sure if a 1 always fails TBH. again not a big deal. Don't sweat it.


  2. It got so bad in our local area that I broke down and called GW about the CS and reserves.

    The guy I talked to told me that a unit is deployed when they hit the table. So you could roll 1 reserve, 1 deep strike scatter and land then declare SC'ing and shoot/run at 2 different things/directions.

    Disclaimer: Calling GW is often just for fun at best.

    Any hoo, thats how we play it now. I do wish they would make it clear. Seemes like it would be easy to do.

  3. Just goes to show: always read the documentation, all of it. Knowing is half the battle.

  4. We aren't computer. We aren't going to get everything right. It's really up to both people to make sure the game is played to the best of their ability. He shares in the responsibility of the mistake just like you. It's not a big deal at all. I got myself on Camera, twice (same as you), making plenty of mistakes. We combine that with a ton of ambiguous ruling to begin with, and it is what it is.

    I would probably be so bold as to say that if we invalidated wins because of rules mistakes, no one has ever truly won a game of 40k. :)

  5. glass houses and rocks anyone? You can watch Stelek making his own share of 'mistakes' on video, we are all human.

  6. The word 'cheating' is thrown around too haphazardly. In order for cheating to take place there must be intent.

    Were I to participate in a tournament and believed an opponent to be cheating, I would immediately notify a judge and call that opponent out.

    In regard to combat squads' and reserves, I am guilty of making this mistake as well. The way 'we' (FLGS) play the rule is that we don't combat squad a unit until it enters onto the table.

    Edit: The word to validate my post was "Hoons". You can't go wrong with Hoons!

  7. Also, since you are clearly a cheater now, I demand a rematch sometime. :)

  8. The NOVA faq forbids combat squading units in reserve, in direct contradiction to the RAW in the 40k rulebook/codices/faqs. While you cannot PLACE combat squads in reserve (and therefore roll for them seperately on the reserve chart) you can combat squad them upon deployment, as specified under the rules for entering the table from Reserve, performing a Deep Strike, or via the Drop-pod's special rules.

    If you followed the RAW, and your opponent failed to bring this to a judge's attention, and/or the judge made a ruling in the field in your favor, accusing you of cheating is bad form.

    However, failing to read the full rules for a tournement you are competing in is also pour ettiquette.

  9. Personally I completely disagree with the combat squad ruling at NOVA as it is contradictory to everything I have read about it and basic common sense. Therefore, I can't fault anyone for playing it the correct way in my opinion. It is not "cheating" in my opinion.

  10. Don't sweat it Alan. Every game that I watched on the live feed had some rules errors. Hell, I played yngarl genestealers incorrectly for a year before one of my blog readers pointed it out. One year's worth of detailed batreps with photos (you know the guys I play against up here), and nobody questioned or challenged my execution of their mutation ability.

    I think it's hip this month to call someone a cheater in the blogosphere if you know the rules better than the person you're playing.

  11. That is the problem with GT home grown roll your own FAQs. They dont really do what they are supposed to do - in the end it is a tool for the TO to impose their own will.

  12. #1. By RAW I should be able to do it.
    #2. The rules against it are listed under Space Marines.

    It is interesting that the INAT lets you do it.

  13. At this years ETC, this was one of the single biggest issues between the rules council and the team captains.
    The rule they finaly settled for was (I think) that a unit rolls one roll and then decides if they will enter as one or two, then Deep Strike etc. And that you could not put one half in reserve and the other one on the table, or one in DS and one walking on.

    Anyhow, it's just one of those many rules where the developers screwed up a bit...

  14. Thereis no screw's very clear. lol

    Luke (above) is correct.

    Also, the ETC judges are buffoons, and that's me being polite.

    Also, Neil? "We aren't computer." ?? I guess not... ;)

  15. "Thereis no screw up..."

    Touché, sir! :)