Saturday, June 4, 2011

1000 Pt. RTT today with Grey Knights and a few thoughts plus upcoming events

I played at an RTT, it was 1000 points and you had to take 3 elites. I have been having a hankering to play my Eldar recently, but there is no way I can do 3 elites with them. Some armies love 3 elites (Demons, Tyranids) but not Eldar at 1000 points.

So I took my Demonhunters. They do elites ok. I had a 10 man purifier squad, A Callidus Assassin, and a Ven Dred.

Game #1. I practically tabled a rough IG army in round 1 (2 Vendettas, Manticore, Leman Russ Exterminator).

Game #2. I beat a foot eldar player. Remember what I said about not getting an eldar list to work?

Game #3. I was tabled by Space Wolves. Thunder Wolf Cavalry on a 4’x4’ table is rough. It was an objective mission and he only had 2x6 Grey hunters. I was able to shoot his troops down, but he tabled me for the win. His MVPs were his Lone Wolves.  He just would not miss a save and went through my army.

Notes: I took an INQ with Rad grenades and I liked them a lot. Strength 4 is not cutting it, and if you do not have a librarian, or you are facing an army that can shut down your psychic powers they are great. I used them against Thunderwolf Cavalry and they were worth their points. Also if you have to save a psychic test for your force weapons, they are awesome.

I am starting to warm up to purifiers. I love fearless,  and I love 2 heavy weapons for 5 guys. I do not love Crowe so I think I will always run one squad of 10 and have the grand master make them scoring. Also why am I giving my Knight of the Flame a Demonhammer? He is the first one to bite it on a Perils of the Warp so why am I exposing my Demonhammer to that?

 Oh and speaking of the grand master I am wondering what he really brings to the army? He can be insta-killed, and is not all that great in assault. On the other hand, librarians are great. They are such force multipliers I wonder if not having 2 of them is not much better.  Other than Draigo in a Paladin army I do not see their value(Yes, Grand Strategy is nice, but not that nice).

My upcoming events are:
Wargames Con: Austin TX. July 8-10. Southwests fairs are going way up so I am going to have to do the 13 hour drive. I am going to make a mini-vacation out of it and see some of the sights.

Bay Area Open:  Antioch, Ca. July 29-31. I have to drive to this one too. I have to drive to LA, and then up to the Bay Area.

NOVA Open:  Arlington, VA. Aug, 25-28th. I have plane tickets to this one. They are charging me for my bags though, so I have to either pay L or take a very small army that can fit in a small case (Grey Knights).

Empire Games GT: Mesa, AZ. Sept. 10-11 Local GT tournament

I want to play my Eldar for Wargames Con, but there is no way that they will be ready in time. I might have to play the Grey Knights. I hate playing armies that everyone else is playing, and if it is anything like last year small elite armies were at a huge disadvantage because all of the missions were objective based, and not even a whiff of a KP mission.

I am also looking to throw my hat into the ring as a tournament organizer.  Battlefoam just opened up a new store right where I live and they need to get there store going. I will talk to Romeo about me hosting some events there and then a GT level event in Oct or Nov. 

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  1. I agree never give the Sgt the Hammer.

    Inquisitors are great. Cheap and versatile and they can get into a Rhino!