Thursday, June 30, 2011

Preparing for Wargames Con

So in about a week a lot of gamers will be making the pilgrimage to Austin Texas for the 3rd annual Wargames Con. They are having a 7 game tournament over the weekend of July 9-10th.

I will be taking my Grey Knights (which I will be working on painting right up until it is time to head on out there).

I normally post my lists before events, but I think I will keep this on under wraps. My Grey Knights list is different from others and it is a little bit different than anything I have run before.

So that means that I will not be taking:
Inquisitors or their henchmen.
Land Raiders

I am a bit worried because I think they are going with the scenarios where you have to get 3 different mission objectives. These types of scenarios help out the MSU armies because they can overcome KP missions (their weakness) with the other 2 missions that normally are their strengths. Without a round of strait up KPs, they are  tough to beat.


  1. Cool man, I'll be there with the Dark Eldar this year. Gonna try for a better place than 6th this year, but I bet I'll fail- my army is simply too new to me, and after 'seeing the light' of the Nova system, gotta say I'm not a huge fan of Battle Points tournaments, where the top guys keep knocking each other out of the running :-p

    Should be fun to see what you bring though- the list of stuff you said you aren't taking makes me think... Psybolt ammo spam with Strikes in Rhinos and lots of Terminators slogging it up with a Librarian?

    Anyways, good luck, I'll probably see you there, though we won't really know who each other are. I'll have a 'Let the Wookie Win' t-shirt on for one of the days though, if you feel like saying hi.

    Feel free to check out my list at my blog, it's always nice to be able to see what kinds of things other competitive players are taking (assuming I'm competitive this year at all, lol)

  2. Heh, just found out it was you who won Best General at the RTT. I was the guy who got Best Overall, but didn't realize who you were, or I'd have said hi!

    Anyways, congrats! Have a good one, I'll see you around!

  3. Damn you and your nice painting!!! ;)

    Nice job on the overall.