Sunday, June 19, 2011

Went to an RTT to test out a small Paladin Squad, Interceptors, and the Eversor Assassin

I played in another RTT yesterday. I use my RTTs more as a place to experiment with lists and units since I do not play much in the way of non-tournament games.

First unit was Draigo+5 Paladins.
This unit was ok, but I roll a lot of “1s” for armor saves. The first game they and a 5 man terminator squad went up against a Lord and 10 Thunder Wolf Cavalry. It was a close fight, but the ended up winning the battle, but not the game. Of course this was the guy that started me with the question of how you apply force weapon wounds to a multi-wound units. Now that we have the answer, it started a huge argument about the rule. Well 30 minutes later most people (other than my opponent and he friend who were having a conniption) came down on my side and that is how the judge ruled and how the store is going to rule it going forward. But like I said, that took 30 minutes and my game ended on turn #4 and he was on the objectives and I was still making my way to them.

In the second game their weakness was exposed. I took 9 wounds from Dire Avengers, and I allocated wounds. I rolled snake eyes twice and dropped 2 models and failed one more wound which means that I failed 5 out of 9 saves. Then when I rolled for leadership I rolled a “12” and then Draigo and the Paladins (over 600 points of models) were escorted off of the board. Why are Paladins not fearless?

I can't wait to get hit with a PBS and have 800+ points of them run off of the table. 

5 Terminators
These guys where meh. Not to good, not too bad. Every roll of a 1 drops a model, and they can only have one heavy weapon. They are troops though, so that is a plus.

10 Interceptors w/2Psycannons
This is the unit I wanted to test. They did alright, but I think I used them wrong. I needed more practice with them, but with my craptastic saves they died in droves.

Eversor Assassin
I threw this guy in as an afterthought. I tried out the Callidus which was my favorite assassin in the last codex and I did not like her at all in the new book. Then I tried the Vindicare who was ok, but not as good as I had thought. So I tried the last assassin that I had the model for the Eversor Assassin. Now this guy lost infiltrate so he does not get to deploy anywhere he wants, and he lost his 12” charge (but picked up fleet). But let me tell you that he has a huge upgrade in his assault ability. Last edition he would charge in and get a few attacks that missed and then had trouble wounding. Well, that has changed.
Let’s go into all of the areas he got supercharged:
He now has a WS 8: Hitting almost everyone on a 3+ (get hit back on a 5+ for some models)
Initiative 7: He now strikes before just about anyone.
Furious Charge: Initiative 8 (as if 7 was not enough), and Strength 5 on the charge.
Lightning Claws: He now gets to re-roll to wound.

So all of his old problems of not being able to hit, and wound have definitely been fixed. This guy was a beast in assault. Of course it will not be easy to get him into assault, but when he arrives, he arrives violently.

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  1. Seeing you seemed to roll a lot of 1s for armor saves I don't think that is fair to say Paladins or terminators stink. Bad dice can gizz any unit. Sorry to hear your dice weren't cooperating.